Tri Delta was established on a set of values that have remained true and have guided the lives of our members for over 125 years since our sorority was formed. Our three main values are truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship. Each of these virtues encompasses a set of qualities that Tri Delta members strive to live by every day.

Our first value, truth, empowers us to live in a way that is not boastful or arrogant but is sincere and kind alike to all. Our second value, self-sacrifice, displays Tri Delta's generosity and unselfishness. A representation of this is our passion towards our national philanthropy, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and the desire that all our members have to make a difference for this incredible organization. Finally, friendship teaches us to be patient and courteous of others.

We are accepting and welcoming of members with many different passions, interests, and backgrounds. The values that Tri Delta was initially established with remain true in all of our members today and are just one part of the amazing qualities our sisters encompass. 

Truth, Self-Sacrifice, and Friendship

Here is what a couple Tri Delta's have to say about seeing these values in their sisters:

"Jovana embodies everything that is a Tri Delta woman. She is true to herself and will do anything for anyone who is close to her, including her sisters. She has the makings of a great leader, and she is an overall wonderful addition to the Tri Delta family and name. Love this queen!"
- Erin, PC '19

Erin & Jovana at Crush Formal '20


"Susie always lights up the room when she walks in and is a good friend to everyone. Even if it's someone she just met, she's always willing to lend a helping hand or give a piece of advice. She is also always willing to be a shoulder to cry on or the person to vent to, even when she has to put her own priorities aside.
Taylor is always willing to lend a hand, whether it's with a class or moving out of your dorm room. Taylor is tough as nails, and I'm always amazed at how well she balances classes and clubs, while still having an active social life. I look up to Taylor as an embodiment of who a Tri Delta woman should be."
- CC, PC '19

Taylor, CC, and Susie ice skating

brave, bold, kind