University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Tri Delta is an assembly of women with shared values where you can be yourself and belong to something bigger. We are brave, bold and kind. We are passionate about serving others, committed to becoming the best version of ourselves and dedicated to helping women live, learn and lead – with Purpose – for a lifetime.

A letter from the President

Tri Delta is more than just a sorority; it is a family bound by a commitment to our core values. These values -truth, self-sacrifice and friendship- serve as the foundation upon which our sisterhood thrives. Truth reminds us to be honest and genuine in all we do. It encourages us to be our authentic selves and accept others for who they are. Self-sacrifice teaches us the importance of putting others before ourselves. It is about lifting each other up, offering support, and being there through the ups and downs of life. Friendship is the heart of our sorority. It is all about making bonds that will last a lifetime, creating memories together and celebrating our sisters in all their accomplishments. In Tri Delta, the friendships you make will be some of the most meaningful and enduring relationships of your life.


brave, bold, kind

A sneak peek into our sisterhood