Letter from the New Member Educator


Hello! My name is Gabby McKenna. I serve as the Director of First Year Experience for the Kappa Chapter of Delta Delta Delta here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These next four years will bring you some of the greatest memories and life lessons as you go through your college journey at Nebraska! Enjoy them because they will go by fast!

As the Director of First Year Experience, I get the opportunity to run an 8-week New Member Education program. This is where I get the opportunity to teach our values, the importance of sisterhood, and the history and founding of Delta Delta Delta. These meetings take place weekly and are an amazing opportunity to get to know the members of this pledge class. Along with the New Member Education program, new members will participate in a small group where they will debrief on what we talk about in our program. New members will also get the opportunity to participate in a fun new member retreat at the end of this program. This program not only helps prepare new members for initiation but allows them to grow close with their sisters and learn why we love Tri Delta. 

Joining Tri Delta was the best thing I chose to do when coming to Nebraska. As a transfer student, it gave me a place to call home on our campus, friendships I have never experienced before, and women to inspire me to become my best self. Without the women of Kappa chapter, I would not be the person I am today. These women have made such a positive impact on my life. The women of Tri Delta have truly shown me how to be brave, bold, and kind in my day-to-day life. 

The women of Kappa chapter and I are so excited to get the opportunity to share our love for Tri Delta. I, personally, am so excited to welcome all of the new members into Tri Delta and get to know all of them. I cannot wait to lead them in learning about all things Tri Delta and show my love for this amazing chapter!

Delta Love and Mine

Gabby McKenna

Director of First Year Experience

PC ‘19


brave, bold, kind