References and Referrals



We want to know who is interested in membership in Tri Delta. If it’s YOU or someone you know, let us know. Use this form to introduce yourself or a potential new member to Tri Delta.

Introduce a potential new member using this referral form.


While references are no longer required for membership, they do help to identify women who are interested in Tri Delta membership. Tri Delta members in good standing can use this form to introduce a potential new member after signing in to your My Tri Delta account.

Use this form to write a reference.


Why are references and referrals important?

Both are ways to introduce a potential new member (PNM) to a Tri Delta chapter. They provide valuable information to learn more about the potential new member and help the chapter have better quality conversations with the PNM during recruitment.

Each chapter uses references differently. If the chapter wants more information, they may contact the person who submitted the reference. Alumnae are asked to refrain from contacting the chapter regarding the status of any PNM.

Are references required?

No, the Bylaws of Delta Delta Delta state that references are not a requirement for membership. However, some chapters rely heavily on references as a way to learn about PNMs before recruitment.

What information do I need to complete a reference or referral form?

To complete a reference or referral form, you will need the PNM’s full name and the college or university they attend/will attend. Be ready to share if you personally know the PNM and why they are interested in Tri Delta and why you would recommend them for membership in Tri Delta.

Any additional information may be provided to you by the PNM through a resume or photo. The reference form includes other fields to provide information, such as activities the PNM has been involved in throughout high school or college or any previous work experience. This information is all helpful for our collegiate chapters as they prepare to meet the PNM during recruitment.

Can I submit a printed reference?

Tri Delta offers a printable PDF reference form in addition to our online reference form for your use. When a PNM provides you a physical packet with a printed resume and/or photo print the PDF reference form and mail the materials to the collegiate chapter.

When do I need to turn in a reference or referral form?

Deadlines for submission vary between our chapters. Reach out to the collegiate chapter director of member selection or ask the PNM.

If you are concerned that your submission is late. Please complete the online reference form anyways!

How do chapters select New Members?

Membership selection is ultimately the privilege and responsibility of each collegiate chapter. A reference form, a letter of recommendation or potential new member’s legacy status does not guarantee an invitation into membership. Additionally, the membership selection process is confidential. Chapter members may not disclose information regarding the decision to keep or release a PNM in the process.

Overall, membership in Tri Delta is mutual. Our membership selection process helps us get to know PNMs we think might be a good fit, while PNMs get to learn more about us and decide if we are the organization for them. It is important for both sides to feel like we are a good match!

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