Living Experience


Tri Delta facilities provide a home away from home to many. Our members embrace the ideal of friendship and value self-respect as they are free to be themselves, form strong friendships and have their current friendships grow stronger while spending time with each other in one of our chapter locations. 


Tri Delta fosters academic excellence. By providing our members with quiet study spaces, academic resources, modern amenities and Wi-Fi throughout the facility, our members are able to focus on their academics and learn in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Outside the classroom, Tri Delta members are boldly leading the way and are actively involved on their campuses and in their communities. Tri Delta spaces support their leadership and allow members to grow into the best version of themselves.

Our Home is located on the corner of 16th and R St at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which is near downtown. You can always spot a group of Tri Delts out for a bite to eat or grabbing a smoothie from Juice Stop!

 Built in 1926, the walls have held an abundance of memories and laughter. It is a special opportunity to live in a beautiful home with so many remarkable women. Tri Delta truly does become a second home to those that pass through its doors. Many original aspects of the home still remain, such as the hardwood flooring, fireplace, and the iron fence that surrounds the outside of the house, which was kindly donated by General John J. Pershing. General Pershing had two sisters who lived in the house. There is an aura of warmth and welcoming when the sun touches the soft yellow walls on the first floor. After a long day of class, we are thankful to have such a wonderful place to relax with our sisters. Something spontaneous always happens when you least expect it, anything from playing board games to movie nights to dance parties on the main floor. There is always someone to make your day.

There are twenty-one rooms in Tri Delta. They can hold anywhere from one to five people depending on the room. Living capacity is at around sixty-two people. Members are provided with free laundry and printing. There is also a personal chef that provides lunch and dinner throughout the week. A mini-pantry (known as “The Mini”) is available for live-ins 24/7. Our quiet study room is popular among members as it has computers that are open to anyone who may need to use them, as well as workable desk space! There is also free tutoring available!

Our House Corp. and House Mom Vic, help keep the members living in the house safe and satisfied. They help organize renovations and help with any maintenance needs. In the past few years, our downstairs floors were redone and the tables have been re-polished. We are so grateful that we have annual renovations done to our home to keep it in the best shape possible.

Each woman that has lived in Tri Delta has made special memories that she will never forget, like getting ready for formals, laughing with her roommate(s), late-night talks in The Mini, or sharing parts of herself she never thought she could before and being fully accepted for who she is.

Kappa Chapter welcomes alumna to visit the house. Please email President Julia Haack at to set up a date and time! We would love to have you and hear your fondest memories of being in Tri Delta. If Kappa Chapter was once your home, it still is and always will be!


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