The academic program at Kappa Chapter is geared to give every member the tools she needs to succeed throughout her college career.  

Kappa Chapter holds members to the highest academic standards. Regular study hours are conducted daily and are proctored by the Greek Study app.  Not only do study hours help our members succeed in their classes, but they also allow members with similar majors and courses find time to work and study together. Tri Delta members have a wide range of academic pursuits, and our chapter accommodates these unique needs. We encourage our members to succeed academically in a variety of ways. Members who receive a 4.0 are rewarded by receiving a pearl to place on their pin and an additional gift to signify their hard work and high achievement.


Kappa Chapter wants every member to succeed academically. We work hard to provide all the tools members may need. Tri Delta also assists in matching members with tutors on campus and around the Lincoln community while helping to ensure these connections are beneficial. 


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